Thursday, 28 July 2016

Only three sightings to report from Belfast today.
The Heavy Lift Crane Ship Svanen on Outfitting Quay.
General Cargo Ships Lady Anne-Lynn on Stormont Wharf and Kruckau on Musgrave Scrap Wharf.
Photos in the Belfast July 2016 folder HERE

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Belfast 24th July 2016

Sightings today at Belfast.
Stena Hibernia on VT1
Svitzer Sussex returning to York Dock after helping Container Ship Christopher onto VT3.
Fast Ferry Manannan inbound for Albert Quay and Caribbean Princess backing onto Stormont Wharf.
Photos in July Folder HERE
Video HERE

Next weeks expected visitors are
ARKLOW FAITH              GENERAL CARGO           2016-07-25 04:16
AMADIA                            CRUISE SHIP                     2016-07-25 06:00
VIKING                              TUG                                     2016-07-25 12:55
SVANEN                            HEAVY LIFT BARGE       2016-07-25 13:30 
ULRIKE G.                         GENERAL CARGO           2016-07-25 17:40   
AURA                                 GENERAL CARGO           2016-07-26 05:45   
LADY ARIANE                 GENERAL CARGO           2016-07-26 09:46   
ARKLOW BRIDGE           GENERAL CARGO           2016-07-26 12:23   
LADY ANNE-LYNN         GENERAL CARGO           2016-07-26 21:16   
LUCKY SUNDAY             BULK                                  2016-07-29 21:31
CRYSTAL SYMPHONY  CRUISE SHIP                     2016-07-30 07:00
SEA CLOUD II                  CRUISE SHIP                     2016-07-30 07:00
TAI PROFIT                      BULK                                  2016-07-30 09:09 
ANASTASIA S                  BULK                                  2016-07-31 06:38
EUROPA 2                        CRUISE SHIP                     2016-07-31 08:00
BOUDICCA                      CRUISE SHIP                     2016-08-01 06:00
NAUTICA                         CRUISE SHIP                     2016-08-01 08:00
CRINIS                              BULK                                  2016-08-02 17:58

Saturday, 23 July 2016

This afternoons movements at Belfast.
Tankers Thun Garland on Oil Berth 1 and Stolt Shearwater on Richardsons Wharf
Inbound General Cargos Sea Hunter and Wilson Garston
Cruise Ship Boudicca
Photos here
Video  here

Friday, 22 July 2016

After a 6 day run in work I needed a ship fix so off I head to Belfast and yes it rained.
 Only 4 vessels today Lubie on Stormont, USS Bruce C Heezen in Dry Dock, Stella Wega on OB3 and Rova Stones on Scrap.
 Victoria nipped through Victoria Channel and that was my lot.
 Hopefully a better couple of days over the weekend.
 Photos at

Friday, 15 July 2016

  • A day out Belfast to Groomsport and back gave me a 15 ship collection.
  • First up on Stormont wharf we had Sanna, Celebrity Silhouette, Johann and Arklow Freedom. On Oil Berth 2 was Epic Caledonia.
  •  Down on VT2 we had Endurance with Pheonix J on VT3. Looking up towards Richardsons Wharf was Arklow Muse and Zeeland.
  •  In the Belfast Anchorage was Lily-B ,Aura and Hanseatic Spirit. Round at Groomsport Conception Light was anchored.
  • On returning to Belfast Stena Precision and Jolanta were both snapped inbound.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

A trip in the rain to Belfast to try out the new Pentax K50.
Abis Calais was anchored in Belfast Lough.
Christopher was on VT3. Bro Deliverer on Oil Berth 2 and Leine on Stormont.
Hafnia Torres with Masterman and Merchantman in attendance in Herdman Channel.
Photos at the new website Ricks Ship Photos