Monday, 21 November 2016

A busy day at Belfast 21st November 2016

Today at Belfast we had Granuaile,  Americaborg in Pollock Dock. Tango Sol and Cemsol on Gotto Wharf. Petra, Nikar G and Arklow Rival on Stormont Wharf. Bro Deliverer and Bro Distributor on OBs1 and 2 with Luke on OB3.
Nordstern on Musgrave Scrap Wharf. Arrivals included Papua, Lafjell and Francop. Other sightings were Sea Installer, Svenja, Kumano Lily and Akela.
Photos HERE and Video HERE

Friday, 4 November 2016

Naval visit to Belfast

The ships – from the Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1) arrived in Belfast this morning. The Group consists of Spanish, Portuguese, German and Royal Naval vessels.  The Group had been due to visit Belfast in mid-October but were diverted to shadow the Russian Naval Group that moved through the North Sea to the Mediterranean.
 The ships in the group are; ESPS Almirante Juan de Borbon, a Spanish frigate NRP Alvares Cabral, a Portuguese frigate; FGS Ludwigshafen and FGS Rhon, German naval corvette and support ship; and finally HMS Duncan a Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer and Belfast’s own affiliated ship. They will be in Belfast until next Monday.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

River Thames Visit

Just home from a trip to London.
Photos of River Thames available HERE

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Belfast Sightings 11th October 2016

Just 7 for today at Belfast.
On Stormont the general cargo ships Kristella and Johanna Desiree along with the bulk carriers Belasitza.
 On Ship Repair Quay the Svanen and on Comissionimg Quay the tug Little Mo and the dredger Lough Foyle. Container ship Anne Sibum
 Photos in October album HERE

Friday, 7 October 2016

Belfast Sightings 7th October 2016

Todays sightings the bulk carrier Wen Zhu Hai, the hopper dredger HAM 602 and the general cargo ship Felicia K were on Stormont Wharf. The general cargo ship Arklow Rebel was on West Twin Wharf. The oil tanker Bro Developer was on OB1 with Theodora on OB3.
 The anchor handling tug Smit Sentosa was visible between the two rigs on Ship Repair Quay.
 Round in Pollock Dock the general cargo ships Volex and Kruckau with the Tasmin and Nordic Diana on Gotto Wharf.
A run out to Whitehead and the general cargo ship Vitality was on Kilroot.
Out in Belfast Anchorage the general cargo ships Elbetor, Beaumont and Thorco Liva with the tankers Gas Legacy and Bro Nordby were all present.
Photos HERE

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Belfast sightings 25th September 2016

 Todays sightings at Belfast where in York dock the tug Samson and the general cargo ship Flinterbay.
 In Pollock Dock the supply vessel Fairmount Glacier and the bulk carrier Acacia Bulker. On Gotto Wharf the bulk carrier As Varesia.
 On Albert Quay the fisheries research ship Corystes. On Stormont Wharf the bulk carrier Q Sue and the general cargo ship Strategic Explorer. On West Twin Wharf the general cargo ship Arklow Beach.
 On VT3 the container ships X-Press Shannon and RMS Veritas and in Belfast Dry Dock the US Navy Ship Bruce C Heezen.
Photos in the September album HERE

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Belfast sightings 17th September 2016

Just a couple today at Belfast.
The general cargo/container ship Coe Leni on Stormont Wharf, the tanker Patrona I on Oil Berth 1.
Svanen is still on Comissioning Quay and Stena Performer was on Albert Quay.
Photos in the September album HERE

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Belfast Sightings 15th September 2016

A quick trip to Belfast after work to catch the departure of the cruise ship Regal Princess.
Along with the Regal Princess the general cargo ships Wilson Flushing and Arctica Hav were also on Stormont Wharf.
 I also managed to catch the departure of the general cargo ship Sunergon from Pollock Dock.
Photos are in the September album HERE
A short Video is HERE

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Belfast sightings 11th September 2016

Todays sightings at Belfast. In Pollock Dock the general cargo ship Nordic Diana, on Gotto Wharf the cruise ship Saga Pearl II.
Jolanta and Arklow Rival were also present.
Round on Stormont Wharf the general cargo ships Hendrika Margaretha and Arklow Beacon, Tomke also arrived.
The tug Michael Francis was assiting diving work on the rig Borgny Dolphin and the general cargo ship Bramau was round on Musgrave Scrap Wharf.
The genaral cargo ship Helt arrived for Richardson Wharf and tied up behind the general cargo ship Lisa.
On VT3 the general cargo/container ship RMS Veritas was joined by the container ship Pengalia.
Photos are in the September album HERE
A short video of Helt, Tomke and Pengalia arrivals HERE

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Belfast Sightings 4th September 2016

Todays sightings at Belfast on Stormont Wharf the bulk carrier Zante and the tanker Silver Kenna.
In dry dock the platform support vessel Go Pegasus.
In York Dock the general cargo ship Fast Julia and in Pollock Dock the bulk carrier Saronic Spire and the general cargo ship Adriaticborg.
Photos in the September album HERE

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Belfast sightings 30th August 2016

 A flying visit to Belfast after work today to get a photo of the cruise ship Prinsendam on Stormont Wharf.
 Also on Stormont was the bulk carrier Vulcania and the general cargo ships Arklow Vale and  Lauren C.
 In Barnett Dock Bekau was just visible and down on VT3 Wes Gesa but unfortunatly Stena Hibernia hid her before I could get a photo.
 On the Oil Berth 1 was Thun Garland and on Oil Berth 3 the Gas Cerberus.

Photos in the August album HERE

Friday, 26 August 2016

Belfast 26th August 2016

Today at Belfast we had the cruise ships Clio on Albert Quay and Oriana on D1.
Inbound for Herdman was the general cargo ship Tomke.
The general cargo ship Gundem Serra was on Stormont Wharf.
The ro-ro vessel Clipper Ranger was in Belfast Dry Dock and the tanker Bro Designer was on Oil Berth 2.
On Oil Berth 4 the tanker Bit Okland.
The usual Stenas were around and on VT3 the container ships Endurance and Wes Carina.
Outbound we had the general cargo ships Leyla and the Wilson Dvina.
I was trying out a new Video Camera but I am not too happy with it at present.
Video HERE
Photos are in the August Album HERE

Belfast 26th August 2016

Today at Belfast we had the cruise ships Clio on Albert Quay and Oriana on D1.
Inbound for Herdman was the general cargo ship Tomke.
The general cargo ship Gundem Serra was on Stormont Wharf.
The ro-ro vessel Clipper Ranger was in Belfast Dry Dock and the tanker Bro Designer was on Oil Berth 2.
On Oil Berth 4 the tanker Bit Okland.
The usual Stenas were around and on VT3 the container ships Endurance and Wes Carina.
Outbound we had the general cargo ships Leyla and the Wilson Dvina.
I was trying out a new Video Camera but I am not too happy with it at present.
Video HERE
Photos are in the August Album HERE

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Belfast Sightings 14th August 2016

Todays sightings at Belfast were the general cargo ship Arlau on Musgrave Wharf.
The container ship Marnedijk on VT3 the cement carrier Cemgulf on Richardsons Wharf.
Inbound for D1 the Simone aided by the tug Merchantman.
Out in the deepwater anchorage the Meridian Spirit was still there along with the general cargo ships Fluvius Otter and Sea Explorer.
Back on Stormont Wharf was the general cargo ship Shetland Trader.
The cruise ship Seabourn Quest could by seen over in Pollock Dock.
Photos are in the August album HERE
Video of Simone arrival HERE

Friday, 12 August 2016

Belfast 12th August 2016

Todays sightings were the general cargo ship Sea Ruby inbound for Barnetts Dock, the tanker Bro Distributor on Oil Berth 1.
The trawler Stefanie M in York Dock.
The cruise ship Ocean Majesty in Pollock Dock, the general cargo ship Bomar Moon on Gotto Wharf.
The general cargo ships Paul on Musgrave Wharf and Jolanta outbound followed by the tug Masterman, the harbour tender Maria McLoughlin and the tanker Bro Nuuk on Oil Berth 4.
Inbound was the ferry Stena Performer and the general cargo ship Wilson Hawk.
De Ming Hai, Celebrity Silhouette, Blue Bay, Endurance and Christopher were also in the port.
Photes available in the August Album HERE
Video footage HERE

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Belfast 11th August 2016

Took a detour on the way home from work to see what was in Belfast.
On Stormont Wharf the bulk carrier De Ming Hai, the cruise ship Rotterdam and the general cargo ship Emscarrier.
Round on Oil Berth 2 Theodora.
Bro Distributor was inbound for Oil Berth 1.
 Photos have been added to the August Album HERE

Monday, 8 August 2016

This weeks expected Belfast Arrivals.
8th August 2016
Hamburg Cruise Ship 06:00
Magellan Cruise Ship 06:00
Arklow Racer General Cargo 14:00
Klaipeda General Cargo 15:30
9th August 2016
Arcadia Cruise Ship 06:00
Wilson Heron General Cargo 08:00
Bomar Moon General Cargo 11:40
Marianne Tanker 12:50
10th August 2016
Marina Cruise Ship 08:00
Emscarrier General Cargo 08:00
Endurance Container Ship 15:20
De Ming Hai Bulk 21:25
11thy August 2016
Rotterdam Cruise Ship 08:00
12th August 2016
Ocean Majesty Cruise Ship 07:00
Silhouette Cruise Ship 10:00
Anne Sibum Container Ship 23:00
13th August 2016
Boudicca Cruise Ship 06:00
Seabourn Quest Cruise Ship 08:00

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Belfast Sightings 6th August 2016

First stop, Helens Bay and out in the Anchorage was the LNG Tanker Meridian Spirit, the Bulk Carrier Crinis and General Cargo Ships Wilson Gdynia and Arklow View.
 Inbound was the Cablelayer Giulio Verne aided may Sally and Eileen McLoughlin.
 Up on Richardsons Wharf the General Cargo Ship Capella and round on Musgrave Wharf General Cargo Ship RMS Rotterdam.
 On Stormont Wharf was General Cargo Ships Ben Maye and Fri Tide along with the Cruise Ship Albatros.
 The Trawler Rona was inbound in Victoria Channel.
Photos in the August Album HERE
A short video of Giulio Verne HERE

Monday, 1 August 2016

Todays sightings at Belfast
First up the cruise ship Nautica backing in to Herdmans Channel aided by Svitzer Surrey.
On Stormont Keewhit was on bunkers for Boudicca, the bulk carrier Tai Profit and the tanker Oralynn.
Stena Hibernia came off of VT1 and backed up on to Albert Quay as Svitzer Sussex headed out to collect the bulk carrier Lucky Sunday with Svitzer Surrey.
On VT2 the Stena Mersey and container ships Maike D and WMS Groningen.
The tanker Stolt Kestrel was on Richardsons Wharf and the cargo ship Simone was on D1.
Workboat Garmoyle was seen in Milewater Basin with the pilot boats.
Photos in the August folder HERE
Video HERE
This weeks expected arrivals are
1st August 2016
Anne Sibum        Container     22:08
Magdalena         General Cargo 22:54 
2nd August 2016
Pacific Princess  Cruise Ship   04:11
Wilson Gdynia     General Cargo 07:06
Arklow Rebel      General Cargo 09:42
Heenvliet         General Cargo 14:34
Crinis            Bulk          17:58
Frisian River     General Cargo 20:00
Theodora          Tanker        21:18
3rd August 2016
Baltica Hav       General Cargo 01:13
Emsrunner         General Cargo 07:32
Endurance         Container     15:05
Fri Tide          General Cargo 16:38
4th August 2016
Sea Cloud II      Cruise Ship   06:30
Cribbean Princess Cruise Ship   08:00
Meridean Spirit   Tanker        12:47
6th August 2016
Wes Carina        Container     01:51
Albatros          Cruise Ship   08:00
7th August 2016
Kaami             General Cargo 16:45

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Only three sightings to report from Belfast today.
The Heavy Lift Crane Ship Svanen on Outfitting Quay.
General Cargo Ships Lady Anne-Lynn on Stormont Wharf and Kruckau on Musgrave Scrap Wharf.
Photos in the Belfast July 2016 folder HERE

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Belfast 24th July 2016

Sightings today at Belfast.
Stena Hibernia on VT1
Svitzer Sussex returning to York Dock after helping Container Ship Christopher onto VT3.
Fast Ferry Manannan inbound for Albert Quay and Caribbean Princess backing onto Stormont Wharf.
Photos in July Folder HERE
Video HERE

Next weeks expected visitors are
ARKLOW FAITH              GENERAL CARGO           2016-07-25 04:16
AMADIA                            CRUISE SHIP                     2016-07-25 06:00
VIKING                              TUG                                     2016-07-25 12:55
SVANEN                            HEAVY LIFT BARGE       2016-07-25 13:30 
ULRIKE G.                         GENERAL CARGO           2016-07-25 17:40   
AURA                                 GENERAL CARGO           2016-07-26 05:45   
LADY ARIANE                 GENERAL CARGO           2016-07-26 09:46   
ARKLOW BRIDGE           GENERAL CARGO           2016-07-26 12:23   
LADY ANNE-LYNN         GENERAL CARGO           2016-07-26 21:16   
LUCKY SUNDAY             BULK                                  2016-07-29 21:31
CRYSTAL SYMPHONY  CRUISE SHIP                     2016-07-30 07:00
SEA CLOUD II                  CRUISE SHIP                     2016-07-30 07:00
TAI PROFIT                      BULK                                  2016-07-30 09:09 
ANASTASIA S                  BULK                                  2016-07-31 06:38
EUROPA 2                        CRUISE SHIP                     2016-07-31 08:00
BOUDICCA                      CRUISE SHIP                     2016-08-01 06:00
NAUTICA                         CRUISE SHIP                     2016-08-01 08:00
CRINIS                              BULK                                  2016-08-02 17:58

Saturday, 23 July 2016

This afternoons movements at Belfast.
Tankers Thun Garland on Oil Berth 1 and Stolt Shearwater on Richardsons Wharf
Inbound General Cargos Sea Hunter and Wilson Garston
Cruise Ship Boudicca
Photos here
Video  here

Friday, 22 July 2016

After a 6 day run in work I needed a ship fix so off I head to Belfast and yes it rained.
 Only 4 vessels today Lubie on Stormont, USS Bruce C Heezen in Dry Dock, Stella Wega on OB3 and Rova Stones on Scrap.
 Victoria nipped through Victoria Channel and that was my lot.
 Hopefully a better couple of days over the weekend.
 Photos at

Friday, 15 July 2016

  • A day out Belfast to Groomsport and back gave me a 15 ship collection.
  • First up on Stormont wharf we had Sanna, Celebrity Silhouette, Johann and Arklow Freedom. On Oil Berth 2 was Epic Caledonia.
  •  Down on VT2 we had Endurance with Pheonix J on VT3. Looking up towards Richardsons Wharf was Arklow Muse and Zeeland.
  •  In the Belfast Anchorage was Lily-B ,Aura and Hanseatic Spirit. Round at Groomsport Conception Light was anchored.
  • On returning to Belfast Stena Precision and Jolanta were both snapped inbound.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

A trip in the rain to Belfast to try out the new Pentax K50.
Abis Calais was anchored in Belfast Lough.
Christopher was on VT3. Bro Deliverer on Oil Berth 2 and Leine on Stormont.
Hafnia Torres with Masterman and Merchantman in attendance in Herdman Channel.
Photos at the new website Ricks Ship Photos

Friday, 17 June 2016

Palma Mallorca 2nd-16th June 2016

                                            Harmony of the Seas at Palma June 2016
Just back from a fortnight in Mallorca and 30 vessels spotted.
Ferries: Almariya, Abel Matutes, Forza, Tenacia, Super-Fast Levante, Bahama Mama, Visemar One, Nissos Chios, Sicilia and SNAV Adriatico
Cruise Ships: AIDAblu, Costa Diadema, Costa Fascinosa, Harmony of the Seas, Carnival Vista, Tui Discovery, Thomson Majesty, MSC Fantasia, MSC Preziosa, MSC Poesia and Mein Schiff 3
Cement Carriers: Cemstar and Sirios Cement III
Heavy Lift Ship: Super Servant 4
Genral Cargo Ship: Aberdeen
Tankers: Tinerfe, Castillo De Trujillo and Chem Nicolas
Spanish Navy Research Vessel: Hesperides
Tug: Marta Mata
Search and Rescue Cutter: Salvamar Acrux
Super Yacht: Ulysses
A Video is available and Photos

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Pay a visit to Belfast this morning before the crowds arrived for the Maritime Festival.
Stena Precision was on Albert Quay, FWN Solide was on Stormont wharf with Fri Lake on Gotto wharf. Stena Hibernia and Stena Lagan down on VT1 and VT2 as Kaskelot arrived for Queens Quay just before Emerald Gratia departed. European Causeway arrived and Front Mersey could be seen in Pollock Dock.
Ship present for the Festival are TS Earl of Pembroke, Kaskelot, Morgenster, Pheonix, Maybe, HMS Ramsey and the Irish Navy Ship Le Ciara.
Photos are available on the website
along with a short Video

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A quick visit to Belfast Today. Photos available at 24 May 2016 Photos

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Just got back in to the ship spotting after a break so here are my photos for May 2016.