Sunday, 25 September 2016

Belfast sightings 25th September 2016

 Todays sightings at Belfast where in York dock the tug Samson and the general cargo ship Flinterbay.
 In Pollock Dock the supply vessel Fairmount Glacier and the bulk carrier Acacia Bulker. On Gotto Wharf the bulk carrier As Varesia.
 On Albert Quay the fisheries research ship Corystes. On Stormont Wharf the bulk carrier Q Sue and the general cargo ship Strategic Explorer. On West Twin Wharf the general cargo ship Arklow Beach.
 On VT3 the container ships X-Press Shannon and RMS Veritas and in Belfast Dry Dock the US Navy Ship Bruce C Heezen.
Photos in the September album HERE

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Belfast sightings 17th September 2016

Just a couple today at Belfast.
The general cargo/container ship Coe Leni on Stormont Wharf, the tanker Patrona I on Oil Berth 1.
Svanen is still on Comissioning Quay and Stena Performer was on Albert Quay.
Photos in the September album HERE

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Belfast Sightings 15th September 2016

A quick trip to Belfast after work to catch the departure of the cruise ship Regal Princess.
Along with the Regal Princess the general cargo ships Wilson Flushing and Arctica Hav were also on Stormont Wharf.
 I also managed to catch the departure of the general cargo ship Sunergon from Pollock Dock.
Photos are in the September album HERE
A short Video is HERE

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Belfast sightings 11th September 2016

Todays sightings at Belfast. In Pollock Dock the general cargo ship Nordic Diana, on Gotto Wharf the cruise ship Saga Pearl II.
Jolanta and Arklow Rival were also present.
Round on Stormont Wharf the general cargo ships Hendrika Margaretha and Arklow Beacon, Tomke also arrived.
The tug Michael Francis was assiting diving work on the rig Borgny Dolphin and the general cargo ship Bramau was round on Musgrave Scrap Wharf.
The genaral cargo ship Helt arrived for Richardson Wharf and tied up behind the general cargo ship Lisa.
On VT3 the general cargo/container ship RMS Veritas was joined by the container ship Pengalia.
Photos are in the September album HERE
A short video of Helt, Tomke and Pengalia arrivals HERE

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Belfast Sightings 4th September 2016

Todays sightings at Belfast on Stormont Wharf the bulk carrier Zante and the tanker Silver Kenna.
In dry dock the platform support vessel Go Pegasus.
In York Dock the general cargo ship Fast Julia and in Pollock Dock the bulk carrier Saronic Spire and the general cargo ship Adriaticborg.
Photos in the September album HERE

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Belfast sightings 30th August 2016

 A flying visit to Belfast after work today to get a photo of the cruise ship Prinsendam on Stormont Wharf.
 Also on Stormont was the bulk carrier Vulcania and the general cargo ships Arklow Vale and  Lauren C.
 In Barnett Dock Bekau was just visible and down on VT3 Wes Gesa but unfortunatly Stena Hibernia hid her before I could get a photo.
 On the Oil Berth 1 was Thun Garland and on Oil Berth 3 the Gas Cerberus.

Photos in the August album HERE

Friday, 26 August 2016

Belfast 26th August 2016

Today at Belfast we had the cruise ships Clio on Albert Quay and Oriana on D1.
Inbound for Herdman was the general cargo ship Tomke.
The general cargo ship Gundem Serra was on Stormont Wharf.
The ro-ro vessel Clipper Ranger was in Belfast Dry Dock and the tanker Bro Designer was on Oil Berth 2.
On Oil Berth 4 the tanker Bit Okland.
The usual Stenas were around and on VT3 the container ships Endurance and Wes Carina.
Outbound we had the general cargo ships Leyla and the Wilson Dvina.
I was trying out a new Video Camera but I am not too happy with it at present.
Video HERE
Photos are in the August Album HERE