Friday, 7 October 2016

Belfast Sightings 7th October 2016

Todays sightings the bulk carrier Wen Zhu Hai, the hopper dredger HAM 602 and the general cargo ship Felicia K were on Stormont Wharf. The general cargo ship Arklow Rebel was on West Twin Wharf. The oil tanker Bro Developer was on OB1 with Theodora on OB3.
 The anchor handling tug Smit Sentosa was visible between the two rigs on Ship Repair Quay.
 Round in Pollock Dock the general cargo ships Volex and Kruckau with the Tasmin and Nordic Diana on Gotto Wharf.
A run out to Whitehead and the general cargo ship Vitality was on Kilroot.
Out in Belfast Anchorage the general cargo ships Elbetor, Beaumont and Thorco Liva with the tankers Gas Legacy and Bro Nordby were all present.
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